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Welcome to Helping Hand

Helping Hand Education’s aim is to provide primary school maths booklets to help parents help their children at home with maths covered in the classroom.  We have produced booklets for every primary school year group.  They have been specifically written to provide children with varied and frequent practice of the national curriculum in the United Kingdom.

Each booklet is packed with fun maths questions and illustrations to help your child become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics in their year group.

Each booklet comes with an answer section at the back to track your child’s progress. The booklets become increasingly more complex as your child works through the series in numerical order. This series provides your child with varied and frequent practice to develop their confidence and understanding of maths in primary school.

Headteacher Testimonials

“Home school links are vitally important for children to reach their full potential. These Helping Hand booklets provide an ideal way for parents to help their children to improve their mathematical skills, knowledge and understanding.  They are an excellent tool for parents to use when supporting children with Maths, and helping them to consolidate their learning.”

Mrs. Jill Hankinson: Headteacher at Westleigh St Pauls C of E Primary School, Leigh, England

“Parents are a child’s first educators- these well-structured, relevant and progressive maths booklets from Helping Hand Education enable parents to extend school-based learning effectively at home.”

Mr. D. McCartney: Headteacher at Brooklands Primary School, Dundonald, Belfast, Northern Ireland

“Well-designed resources from Helping Hand, robust and sufficiently challenging to test understanding against key curriculum themes and topics.  Parents will find them useful and recommended for further development work for pupils at home, reinforcing class based learning.”

Mr I. Williams: Headteacher at Sutton Oak C.E Primary School, St Helens, England

“Parents need clear, structured activities and lessons that firstly reinforce school lessons and secondly stretch pupil’s learning. These resources from Helping Hand do just that.”

Mr S. Moore : Headteacher at Academy Primary School, Saintfield, Northern Ireland